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Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 09:18 am
Well, I've finished classes for the first semester, I just have to finish editing the short story (which is due on Thursday coming up), which mostly comprises minor tweaks to try and make it a little less "stations of the canon" and "cast of thousands", and then I'm done. I have completed a semester at university (again). I've come out of this one feeling a lot more positive about things than I have in a while - I genuinely feel I could keep up study with this level of support and assistance, and I do think it's helpful having the Access Plan in the background, so I know if everything comes collapsing down at once, I just have to wave that and I can get the help I need. Having my specialist support group mentor to talk with as well was a great help - just knowing I have someone else I can vent to about things if necessary was a great relief. Means if I get to the point where my brain is tying itself into knots and trying to do Weird Shit with my executive function, I at least have someone I can reach out to and say "okay, help!" and I know they'll do that, to the best of their ability. It's such a reassurance.

The rental inspection passed without a hitch - our property manager is familiar with the place and with us, and knows we're not likely to try and knock the place down without provocation. She was okay with the idea of us requesting another twelve months in the property (she asked us to send her an email about it, so she had a record - so I did that), and hopefully some time in the next few weeks, we'll start dealing with all the paperwork needed to ensure the renewal goes forward. If we're really lucky, we won't see an increase in the rent, either - we're in a declining rental market, so I doubt the rent will increase by much (if at all). Also we have the owner coming around on Wednesday morning to measure up the kitchen for Ikea cabinets (the ones from the carpenter apparently cost too much or something). So, we may be getting a better kitchen out of all of this ... or not.

I got all enthused yesterday and got to work on cooking - did the preparation work for a bacon and egg slice (which is essentially a savoury bread and butter custard - one of the core ingredients is half a loaf of bread) for tonight; put some lamb bones on to make stock in the slow cooker (this is currently cooling down at the moment - the actual soup will come out of things probably on Sunday, when the stock has had time to cool and for the fat to solidify to the point where I can just scoop it off in lumps); and made up a Beef Madras curry with some vegetables for dinner last night (which has about two meals worth of leftovers in it as well - need to put those into the fridge). Today being My Saturday, all I have plans to do on the cooking front is put the egg and bacon slice into the oven later on, and we'll have that for dinner tonight.

I've been having a bit of trouble remembering to eat lately. At least part of it is due to waking up late, and then having to wait 2 hours while the meds exclusion period for the thyroxine expires (after I've taken my thyroxine, I'm not supposed to have calcium supplements, iron supplements, or dairy products for at least two hours... given I take my thyroxine first thing in the morning after I've woken up, it makes for a late breakfast). If I'm waking up later than about 8am, that means I tend not to bother with breakfast, and just skip straight to lunch. Then I'll get distracted by things and forget about lunch too, which means I realise some time around 2 - 3pm that my stomach is busy trying to alert me to the fact my throat has apparently been cut at some point during the day, and could I please do something about the food situation? Problem is, by then I'm sort of thinking "well, I don't want a big meal because that'll spoil my appetite for dinner" (my mother was never a big fan of after-school snacks for us - we didn't need them). Of course, by the time dinner time rolls around, I'm tired, cranky, out of spoons, and unwilling to do anything that looks like cooking (because unless I've time-shifted the work to earlier in the morning, this just doesn't happen after about 2pm). Which means if I really push it, I may not eat anything all day (I'll drink lots of water, but not actually eat anything).

Before anyone starts: yes, I know this is unhealthy. If anyone has a solution which doesn't involve me magically materialising spoons out of nowhere, not to mention swapping my brain out for one which isn't fscked, they're welcome to share it - on the proviso their solution also doesn't involve spending money which I don't have either. Trust me, all the easy solutions to this one involve either spoons I don't have, mental resources I don't have, or money that I don't have either - foodsicles are all very nice and all, but they cost more than raw ingredients, and I don't have the time and energy to sit and argue with the inside of my head for twenty minutes in the freezer aisle at Coles every damn week.

At present, the main fix involves working on getting up early instead. If I'm up early (like around 6am) I can at least have a breakfast around 8am, and that seems to reset everything in my head. Might get back to the microwave porridge again (rolled oats, milk, and sultanas, zap in microwave about 2 minutes & 30seconds, eat and enjoy) given it's winter and I want warm stuff.

What else has been happening? Oh yeah, I've been writing up a chapter by chapter summary of a particularly long story for another author - something to use as a writer's reference for what happened when, who appeared at what time, etc. Oh, and the weather continues wintery - cold and clear, rather than wet and miserable. Although we are in with about a 40% chance of wet and miserable today. But other than that? We're all fine here. How are you?
Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 02:01 am (UTC)
My go-to in that situation would be big-pot meals. Make a big pot of something on the weekend when you have more time and energy, then freeze single-serving portions of it in Ziploc containers (not bags, but the little plastic bowls with snap lids). Then during the week when you're wiped, all you have to do is pull one out and heat it. Add some bread & butter, salad-inna-bag, and fresh fruit, and you've got a quick and easy dinner that's no more work than a ready-made frozen dinner, and cheaper and healthier to boot. If you want suggestions on dishes that freeze well, I'll be happy to offer some -- we do this regularly for the nights when we just don't have time to cook.