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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 07:05 am
Subject: Attention: E-mail User
Addressed to Me: Possibly ("To:" is "undisclosed-recipients:;")

Scam content under fold )

I'm not sure what the heck is up with this one. I suspect the idea is you go to the address listed, and immediately start getting targeted by loads of viruses, or by demands for money to "upgrade" your account. Since I don't have an account with, and I certainly don't have an email account with any of the other domains listed, I haven't gone to look at it.

Mind you, a bit of fast googling shows Moonfruit is basically a free website vendor based in the UK, which has its own "build-your-own-website" service. So I suspect what we're looking at here is someone using a free web service in an effort to either run a scam, or spread a virus or target machines for a botnet or whatever.

If you've got one of these (and this one showed up in my actual inbox, rather than being bounced into the bulk mail section) it's probably best to ignore it. While I'm not sure what kind of scam the sender may be running (and I don't particularly care to find out) anything which comes out of the blue like this from someone I've never heard of isn't to be trusted anyway.

(I tend to collect most of my email via POP, which means I download it onto my computer at home and remove it from the account provider's server, so I know my main email account is highly unlikely to be running out of quota.)