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Saturday, December 29th, 2012 06:38 pm
Okay, so Christmas day was the start of a rather lengthy heatwave for us here in Perth WA - we've been experiencing temperatures over 38C (the old 100F) every day since 25 December, and they're not expected to go down until the 2nd of January next year. Yay.

I'm coping fine. I'm back to my standard "hot weather" pattern of waking up at around about dawn each day to deal with the business of closing up the blinds on the laundry doorway, and opening the front and side doors so that the cool night air can circulate through the house before the day starts to heat up. Then I dress in a very light voile sarong (and not much else) and spend the day sitting in front of the computer or the XBox with the water cooler going. Unfortunately, our water cooler is a fairly old model (it came west with us from Canbrrra) and it's given up on the water-cooling bit - the various cloth bits drape down into the reservoir, but they aren't wicking anything up any more. So these days it's just a very fancy fan. Still works fine in conjunction with a squirty bottle of water, though. Mist self down with squirty bottle, sit in front of the fan, and I cool off very nicely.

However, our nice neat replacement server decided it wasn't having with all this hot weather. It started sulking on Wednesday night, and when I tried to reboot it on Thursday morning, it gave us the standard "my hardware isn't playing nice" disgruntled beeps. Memory problems. Himself tried fiddling about with the RAM, but it didn't help; he suspected either the RAM wasn't working at all, or there might have been a problem with the motherboard.

So, today he went out and got another server for us (rather than spend hours chasing around in 40C temperatures to try and find a computer parts specialist who had the right bits to replace all this stuff) - or rather, he purchased a second-hand PC from someone who was getting rid of an old box, and set that up to do the Internet thing.

With any luck, we're back on the 'net...

*crosses fingers*

(Late news: new box will not boot without a keyboard. BIOS fiddlery undertaken.)
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Friday, December 14th, 2012 08:59 pm

Tuesday night, we had a bit of a storm around our place. Or, to put it more bluntly, our area received a lake via air drop (always fun).

Long Story Below )

However, as a result of all the futzing around, and the lightning flying everywhere and all the rest, our old gateway server had decided it was all too much, and died on us. So yesterday, I had the fun chore of testing the two older PCs my partner had sitting around waiting to be turned into something, and finding out whether they'd boot at all (the original plan was to switch out the power supply from one of them into the existing gateway box).

EDITED TO ADD: Mumblefrotz, gotta remember not to hit enter on the autocomplete for the tags - Dreamwidth isn't LibreOffice.

Anyway, we wound up finding one of the boxen worked just fine (it used to be my PC, but the USB ports started playing up on it, and when I got my former laptop, it sort of went by the board) and with the addition of an extra network card (one to connect to the network, one to connect to the router) it should work just fine as a gateway box itself. All we had to do was install a copy of the gateway software on it (which was an adventure in itself - would you believe the boot loader for the gateway software didn't recognised USB keyboards as existing, even though the BIOS for the machine did, and the eventual software itself does? Fortunately Himself has an old keyboard with the PS2 connectors - the round ones which only work one way up - rattling around in his pile of miscellaneous PC junk) and get it up and running.

Installation last night, final configuration touches today, and now we're back onto the internet.

In between times, I've written approximately 10,000 words of a D&D campaign novelisation. How did people procrastinate successfully before there was an internet? I've forgotten...
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Monday, June 11th, 2012 10:54 am
As those of you in the Perth metro area may well be aware, things got a bit stormy last night. We lost power at about 2pm (I'm currently writing this in the Murdoch university library, having headed in early to take advantage of their power points), and we also lost the boundary fence between our place and our next door neighbour's place (right hand side as we look out the front door) at around the same time. The poor guy next door not only lost the fence on his left side, he also lost the back fence as well - not good, since he's planning on selling the place and moving out.

Himself and myself are both alive and well, but my mobile phone appears to be able to predict power outages - this is the second one we've had in about twelve months, and both times they happened when my phone was just about out of battery (the other reason why I've headed in to the uni to take advantage of their power points). Once it's charged, I'm going to be calling up his parents, my parents, and of course the landlords (or at least their real estate agency) to bring everyone up to date on the situation. I also have to upload some pictures from my camera and send them off to the parent of the guy next door, so they can use them in the insurance claim. Fortunately both the stove and the hot water system at our house are both gas powered, so I was able to put together something for dinner last night (fried cheese sandwiches), make myself some tea and coffee, and also get a hot shower this morning.

Now to settle down and brace for impact for the one coming through on Tuesday night or the early hours of Wednesday morning. Hopefully the roof will remain on the house. Oh, and I also have to hope that my clothes dry out a bit (I got pretty drenched on the way from home to the railway station this morning - got about 10 minutes out in the journey, and the heavens opened).