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Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 07:27 am
Once again, three stories from my mainstream news feeds about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

Albany wood pellet plant to re-open and become Australia's largest by Tyne Logan (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

A plant which takes sawmill residue and woodchips and creates an energy-dense wooden pellet to be used in coal-fired power stations as a renewable alternative is being recommissioned in Albany. The plant had originally closed in 2012, due to lack of market demand, a lack of supply, and the high Australian dollar at the time.

'Greatest game of hide and seek ever' ends as missing five-year-old found in car by ABC Western Australia (uncredited)

A five-year-old boy has been reunited with his family after having gone missing from his family's property in Gidgegannup.

International Women's Day: Meet the 70-year-old VCE graduate starting a degree in criminal justice by Fiona Pepper (ABC Radio Melbourne, Victoria)

Joan Oliver was the oldest person to graduate with a VCE last year. Now she's heading to university to study a criminal justice degree. (Just goes to show: you're never too old to learn).

So there's my three stories about what went right. If you've found something about "what went right" in your news feeds, why not share a link in the comments?
Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 03:09 am (UTC)

Free fruit at the local cafe in Castlemaine (Guardian)

Social enterprises, putting community before profit, are thriving across Australia, particularly in rural areas.