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Friday, December 14th, 2012 08:59 pm

Tuesday night, we had a bit of a storm around our place. Or, to put it more bluntly, our area received a lake via air drop (always fun).

The house Himself and I rent has a problem with the guttering outside our kitchen window. Basically, I suspect part of the problem is that the verandah outside the kitchen window isn't built with enough of a rake to deal with heavy rainfall (I'm half-tempted to get up there with a spirit level, because I suspect it's actually built dead flat). So whenever the rain is heavy enough, the water on the verandah back-flows into the gutter. The gutter and the attached downpipe can't cope with more than a bare trickle of rainfall at the best of times (I suspect the downpipe is blocked, but don't know how I'd prove this), so the whole thing overflows onto the edge of the roof. I'm willing to guess that the seals on the edge of the roof near the guttering have either perished, been stripped out by curious cockatoos, or just never got correctly fitted in the first place (this house has all the signs of having been constructed by that wonderful firm, Bodgett & Leggatt, or one of their equivalents). So now the water that's backed up leaks into the roof cavity of the eaves near the kitchen window, and soaks the panelling that forms the ceiling of the eaves.

It's been getting worse and worse over the years, and we've reported it to the real estate agents multiple times (not that they've ever done anything about it, but hey, we're doing the right thing). These days, if we get a heavy downpour, the eaves leak water into the undercover area provided by the verandah for about half the length of the main room.

On Tuesday night, we discovered what happens when it hits the next stage along. We got water seeping in through the top of the kitchen window. Lots of water. Enough water to splash everywhere, and hit the power-point which has our household gateway server, the router for the ASDL connection, the wireless network point, the phone, and the kettle all plugged into it (four-point powerboards and double adapters are wonderful things). We put down towels to catch the water, and unplugged all the electrical stuff from the power-point, but the damage had already been done. My guess is that some water got in, earthed that outlet, and tripped the circuit breaker for all the electrical outlets in the house.

Oh goody. No internet.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, I was down at the real estate agents, with a nicely written description of all the problems with the power outlets. We'd managed to switch on half the power outlets (the master breaker for all the power outlets had gone, but it could be switched back on again by turning off the breaker for the affected circuit) but I definitely wanted an electrician to come and have a look at things before I risked trying to turn anything else on again.

The electrician showed up at about 4pm (there were a lot of other places in the district who were affected even worse than we were - one guy who'd been in at the real estate agents' at the same time as me had had their entire electric meter box under water from the way he described it) and did something with the meter box to switch the power back on for the affected circuit. Yay! We can haz power back on.

However, as a result of all the futzing around, and the lightning flying everywhere and all the rest, our old gateway server had decided it was all too much, and died on us. So yesterday, I had the fun chore of testing the two older PCs my partner had sitting around waiting to be turned into something, and finding out whether they'd boot at all (the original plan was to switch out the power supply from one of them into the existing gateway box).

EDITED TO ADD: Mumblefrotz, gotta remember not to hit enter on the autocomplete for the tags - Dreamwidth isn't LibreOffice.

Anyway, we wound up finding one of the boxen worked just fine (it used to be my PC, but the USB ports started playing up on it, and when I got my former laptop, it sort of went by the board) and with the addition of an extra network card (one to connect to the network, one to connect to the router) it should work just fine as a gateway box itself. All we had to do was install a copy of the gateway software on it (which was an adventure in itself - would you believe the boot loader for the gateway software didn't recognised USB keyboards as existing, even though the BIOS for the machine did, and the eventual software itself does? Fortunately Himself has an old keyboard with the PS2 connectors - the round ones which only work one way up - rattling around in his pile of miscellaneous PC junk) and get it up and running.

Installation last night, final configuration touches today, and now we're back onto the internet.

In between times, I've written approximately 10,000 words of a D&D campaign novelisation. How did people procrastinate successfully before there was an internet? I've forgotten...