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March 1st, 2017

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 09:37 am
A new month (officially we're heading into autumn, unofficially I don't count that until after the equinox later this month) and another three things which "went right" from my mainstream media feeds.

WA election: Boom in pre-polling due to 'modern lifestyles, employment' by Eliza Laschon (ABC Western Australia)

There's been a big increase in pre-poll voting since the WA Electoral Commission (WAEC) decided to make it available to everyone. Also, this year is the first year where people with an incapacity or disability which makes it difficult to vote at ballot boxes are able to lodge a vote via the internet instead, and the system is proving popular, with over 400 registrations so far. Counting for the WA State Election starts at 6pm on Saturday 11 March 2017 (i.e. after the polls close).

Beaconsfield Anglican church welcomes Muslim community, offers land for mosque by Briana Shepherd (ABC Western Australia)

About five years ago, Imam Faizel Chothia first approached Reverend Peter Humphries (of the St Paul's Anglican church in Beaconsfield) asking about whether the Reverend knew of a place where Muslims in the region might be able to go for a prayer meeting. Reverend Humphries offered the use of the original church building. Now the Beaconsfield Islamic community is attempting to raise the money to purchase the property to establish a permanent prayer space for Muslims, as well as a shared space where conversations between the two faiths can occur.

Foxes, feral pigs shot during three-day hunt as farmers band together to combat feral pests by Anthony Pancia (ABC South West WA)

Content warning: images of dead animals, video images of dead animals, discussion of hunting and killing animals.

A three day hunt in the south-west of Western Australia has resulted in the killing of a large number of feral pests, including 450 foxes, 59 rabbits, 11 feral cats, and 11 feral pigs. Farmers in the region say an integrated pest management plan which doesn't just depend on exclusion netting or poison baiting is necessary, and that hunts such as this raise awareness of the sheer number of these feral animals out there.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found stories in your news feed about "what went right", why not share them in the comments?