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Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 07:26 am
Farewell Re-Read:

Finished off The Body in the Bath House and put that in the bye-bye bag; started off Damned Whores and God's Police by Anne Summers (Penguin 2002 revised edition, ISBN 0-14-028876-7)


Still plugging away at Frederica, but I'm having to put it on the side for Madame Bovary for my uni studies.

For Uni:

Dickens, Charles (1836). Sketches by Boz, London, (publisher unknown), "A Visit To Newgate".

Earnshaw, Stephen (2010). Beginning Realism, Manchester & New York, Manchester University Press, pp14 - 37 (Chapter 1)

Plus the first 166 pages of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (Penguin 2003 edition, ISBN 978-0-140-44912-9). I have to be at least halfway through the book by the beginning of the week after next (university week 3, this was week 1).

(I still have a chapter out of "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell to be reading as well, plus another chapter of the book for my creative writing course).


New Game + by Tayani - P5 AU WIP, the truth continues to out.

Flunking by volti - P5 WIP; more family stuff

A Dream We Found Huddled Under a Cloak of Stars by AyuOhseki - P5 AU WIP; and a knock-down, drag-out brawl ensues.

To Catch a Tiger Cub, One Must First Enter the Tiger’s Lair by AyuOhseki - P5 AU WIP; stripping for fun and privacy

Phantom Stardust by TheWabbajackX - P5 WIP, covering the parts of the game from December through February.

Don’t Make Me Delete This Chatroom by Dots - P5 chatroom AU WIP - this episode is all about eggs, for some reason.

Just Like New by Piano - FF7 AU WIP - the one where Cloud is an android who wants to protect his human friends.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - Final chapter of a WIP. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this one, mainly because it was mostly written as PWP, but then tried to grow a plot at the very end, with very little set-up or discussion anywhere else in the fic.

Crimson by Dowdz - P5 WIP retelling which is getting steadily more and more AU. Grim and gritty retelling, I think is where the author is going here.

Once More, With Feeling by beesandtoes - P5 Groundhog Day AU WIP. Maybe there's a way out of the loop...

It’s a Compliment, Really by Moczo - P5 Porn parody AU, still hilarious, still a hoot, and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Involuntary Downtime by Muccamukk - Marvel Avengers Adventures Steve/Tony hurt/comfort fic. Cute and nice.

Resistance by WritingSoul - P5, a bit of a look at what might possibly provide resistance to "lust" attacks.

perhaps even friends by hirokiyuu - P5 New Game+ AU WIP - this time it's Goro Akechi who gets offered the chance to try the whole business over again and see what happens when he changes things.

Lucky Cat by Regenbogen - P5 AU WIP - the protagonist is a were-cat. So far the execution seems to be living up to the idea.

I should note that a lot of these fanfics landed in my lap on my Monday or Tuesday - was there a public holiday in the USA on Monday this week?

So that's what I've been reading this week... and I've also been trying to clean the house in time for a rental inspection on Thursday morning next week, and come up with ideas for a presentation about living independently while autistic and how this might differ from doing so while neurotypical (presentation happens in uni week 4, so I have a couple of weeks to pull things together). Everything happens at once around here...
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 12:43 am (UTC)
iirc the holiday was last week, but the weather for much of the country has been abysmal and a lot of smaller businesses and schools (and even gov't services) were closed off and on for half of Feb.