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Saturday, February 16th, 2019 08:25 am
Farewell Re-Read

Still working through A Body in the Bath House by Lindsey Davis.


Still working through Frederica by Georgette Heyer. My copy of this one has reached the point where it can almost be shuffled rather than read, which makes reading a tad awkward, but it's still do-able.


To Catch a Tiger Cub, One Must First Enter the Tiger’s Lair by AyuOhseki, Ch 3 and Ch 4 - Persona 5 ongoing fic, WIP. I'm enjoying this one because it doesn't woobify Goro Akechi to the point of neutering the character.

New Game + by Tayani - P5 ongoing WIP, link is to latest chapter. Very sugary, book an appointment with your dentist. Woobie!Akechi.

Flunking by volti - P5, latest chapter in a WIP. Protagonist/Makoto, pretty well-written.

A Dream We Found Huddled Under a Cloak of Stars by AyuOhseki - P5 save!Akechi fic, but I actually enjoy the way AyuOhseki writes him - they let Akechi be the messed-up passive-aggressive little so-and-so he does so well. Heading toward a poly triad. I'm actually going to recommend AyuOhseki as a good writer in the Persona 5 fandom, simply because they do write an interesting and complex Goro Akechi.

Of Courage, Promotion and Skirmishes: A Narrative by Captain Strife, Vol II by Gotham’s_Only_Wolf - FF7 ongoing chapter fic in a wider AU. Ch 9 and Ch 10. Fun, games, magical exhaustion and friends making everything better.

We Deserve a Better One by volti - P5, post-game Makoto-in-university fic.

oh simple thing (where have you gone) by volti - P5, Protagonist/Makoto "four times and one" fic.

License by volti - P5 post-game Protagonist/Makoto fic, wherein various meanings of the word "license" are considered.

Playing Hooky by volti - P5, Protagonist/Makoto

Nuances by volti - P5, Protagonist/Makoto

Impromptu by volti - P5, Protagonist/Makoto

Slow Times at Yasogami High by Alexilulu - P5 smut fic. I'll be blunt - all the stuff here listed by Alexilulu is P5 smut, more or less explicit (this one is explicit), so you know what you're getting into. This one is probably a bit more plotty than most of them, being set post-game. Protagonist/Shiho, Ryuji/Ann

Two Boys, A Girl, and Three Crushes by Alexilulu - P5, Protagonist/Ryuji/Haru

If It Had To Be Anyone (It Should Be Him) by Alexilulu - P5, Haru/Ann & Protagonist (the Protagonist is a guy who's being invited to have a threesome with a lesbian couple).

Boner Squad, Assemble by Alexilulu - P5, poly relationship Protagonist/Ann/Ryuji

Boner Squad Continues Riding by Alexilulu - P5, same grouping as previous fic in the series.

After-School Detention by Alexilulu - P5, the series is called "Stealing Each Other's Hearts", and I suspect it was supposed to wind up in a Phantom Thieves poly puppy pile, but the author got a bit distracted along the way. So the bit I've read here is mostly about the core group relationships - Makoto/Ryuji and Protagonist/Ann, gradually merging into a four-way poly relationship. More or less.

After-School Activities by Alexilulu - P5, Stealing Each Other's Hearts series.

After-School Counterattack by Alexilulu - P5, Stealing Each Other's Hearts series

After-School Escalation & Negotiation by Alexilulu - P5, Stealing Each Other's Hearts series

Good Cop, Horny Cop by Alexilulu - P5, Stealing Each Other's Hearts series.

Strength by joisbishmyoga - P5, in which a couple of the Phantom Thieves decide to find out just why Joker spends minutes standing staring into nothing at the entrances to dungeons and such.

There Before by joisbishmyoga - P5, in-game AU where Akechi winds up entering the Velvet Room, and seeing what goes on there.

What You Wish For by joisbishmyoga - P5, alternate path for an in-game scene. This is now my new head-canon for how the "nude modelling" scene went.

cause you don’t even know by rabidgopher - P5, Protagonist/Ryuji, miscommunication fic.

swallow the sun like a firestorm by rabidgopher - P5, Protagonist/Ryuji, explicit, "Kinktober day 15: Overstimulation".

just fuck me up fam by rabidgopher - P5, incredibly late game fic.

Once More, With Feeling by beesandtoes - The P5 Groundhog Day AU WIP continues, this is Ch 4 and Ch 5.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - FF7 gender-swap materia AU. This is basically a WIP PWP, at extended length, and it's starting to get a tad repetitive.

Don’t Make Me Delete This Chatroom by Dots - P5 chatroom fic, WIP.

Phantom Stardust by TheWabbajackX - P5 Protagonist/Ann romance retelling, WIP, up to about the end of December in-game.

It’s a Compliment, Really by Moczo - P5 WIP post-game AU - the one with the bad porn parody. Up to 8 chapters so far, still hilarious and making me laugh out loud, mostly at the reactions of the various characters.

Acid Test by Anonymous - P5 smutfic for the Chocolate Box exchange. Protagonist/Akechi, hatesex and a prank gone wrong.

Enigma by Anonymous - P5 Protagonist/Yusuke, post-game. Not actually explicit; part of the "Chocolate Box" exchange.

I Met You Here By Chance by SmokedJoker - P5, post-game, Protagonist/Ann romance, some sexual content.

taste testing by Anonymous - P5, another one from the "Chocolate Box" exchange, Protagonist/Ann "getting them together" fic.

Makoto’s Story Ch1: A Day in the Life by ArtofLupin - P5 alternate perspective on in-game events fic. This one has a good concept (it would be interesting to see things, particularly in the early game, from Makoto Nijima's perspective) but disappointing execution. For one thing, the writer is publishing each chapter in the fic as a separate story in the AO3 series format (while still labelling them as chapters... why not just publish it as a single chaptered story?), and for another, there's a lot of Makoto talking to herself, which is not something which is in-character for her. Might keep an eye on the author - there's potential for improvement, after all.

So, that's what I've been reading this week. How about everyone else?
Saturday, February 16th, 2019 05:02 am (UTC)
Transformers Arranged Marriage smut!
"A Degree of Compatibility" by astolat