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Saturday, January 12th, 2019 08:29 am
Farewell Re-reads

Still plugging away at The Weather Makers. It's almost depressing to realise a lot of what Flannery is talking about in 2005 hasn't been implemented by the Australian government over a decade later.


You and Your Fuck Awful Timing, or Five Things Ed Learned from Roy but Would Never Admit to If You Asked Him Point Blank by lightgetsin - FMA, Ed/Roy. Good stuff, I enjoyed it.

The Fourteen Days of Christmas by sephcounttheways - FF7 SOLDIER OT5 road-trip/family visit fic. Fluff without much to it.

The Purge – Blonde Ambition by sephcounttheways - FF7/Purge crossover WIP, set in the author's "Blonde Ambition" universe. Not really my thing.

The Recruiters by sephcounttheways - Vampire AU WIP, set in the late middle ages/early renaissance with the main characters being the SOLDIER OT5. I found this one interesting, and I'd be interested in seeing where it goes, but the author hasn't updated it in over a year.

Good Things Happen in Threes by sephcounttheways - FF7 "mundane lives" AU. Break-up/rebound fic, not too bad.

Blonde Bonus Tracks by sephcounttheways - AU/Spinoff WIP of the author's "Blonde Ambition" universe. This is largely smutfic and seems to be heading in the direction of everyone slash everyone else.

Tumbling FF7 by esama - Latest chapter (ch 35) of a collection of shortfic which originally appeared on Tumblr. This one is a hilarious FF7/Star Wars crossover. To be honest, esama is one of those authors who could post their grocery list, and I'd probably find it readable, because she's written a lot of really good stuff. Pity she doesn't seem to be active in FF7 fandom any more.

Oasis by Sholio - MCU Post WS AU, wherein Pepper gets Bucky interested in gardening. Very pleasant, nice pacing.

Heat Wave by Sholio - Same universe as previous fic, a missing scene expanded for a prompt.

When Push Comes to Chevre by copperbadge - MCU post-Black Panther AU/missing scenes fic - Bucky wakes up in Wakanda, and winds up with a farm and goats. I love this one for its slow and gentle pace, but if you're allergic to puns, steer clear, there are a lot in there. Copperbadge is one of those writers I'll recommend for just about any fandom we share (and also for the ones we don't, on the strength of his writing alone), because it is very rare for him to miss the mark with fic.

The Miskatonic Project by copperbadge - MCU AU branching from CA:TFA, wherein Dr Erskine has spent some time at Miskatonic university before starting project Rebirth. If you've read Charles Stross's "Laundryverse" series, you'll have an idea of what sort of shenanigans to expect, but this is approximately at the level of darkness of the first two installments in that series, rather than the later ones (that is, there's still hope for humanity).

Leader of the Free World by copperbadge - MCU AU wherein Clint Barton runs for President in the 2016 election campaign and wins. This is one of the things Donald Trump's existence has brought into the world, and it's probably the best of any of them.

The Age of Alton by copperbadge - Part of the Foodieverse, a sort of shared-universe (with scifigrl47) "mundane lives" AU of the MCU, wherein the various characters are chefs, restauranteurs, or food truck owners. This one is describing a cook-off.

The First Mission by copperbadge - Missing scene from CA:TFA - Steve brings 400 captured soldiers back from the destroyed Hydra base.

Tony Stark Advises The Avengers by copperbadge - 616 Marvel textfic (first "chapter" is basically text images, second "chapter" is transcriptions), wherein Tony Stark has become the "team Dad".

Walt Disney’s Captain America by copperbadge - MCU post-Avengers Assemble - Tony Stark discovers some of the Avengers haven't seen enough Disney movies, and sets about remedying this deficiency.

Reassemble by kzam - FF7 AU (Cloud in SOLDIER), Cloud/Zack. The link goes to the final chapter of a former WIP, and it's a good conclusion to an interesting fic.

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - latest chapter of a WIP; this chapter is more plot than smut.

Feed The Body, Nourish the Soul by copperbadge - MCU AU "Foodieverse" - the one where they're all chefs, restauranteurs or food truck owners. This is the start of the series. Much recommended.

The Hot Hipster Chef Documentary by copperbadge - Second story in the Foodieverse. Steve/Tony, eventually.

Pairing by copperbadge - Third story in the Foodieverse; Thor enjoys being a bartender, with all this implies.

Sunflowers by XpaperplaneX - Latest chapter of a WIP.

your blue-eyed boys (1: someone’s bound to get burned) by Feather (lalaietha) - MCU AU; Bucky in rehab subtype. This story (and its wider universe) basically ignores everything after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and has a much more realistic and believable interpretation of the aftermath and consequences of what happened with the fall of SHIELD and the disclosure of HYDRA. If you read no other MCU fanfic, read this one, it is brilliant. It is one of my favourite pieces of fanwork, and I've been re-reading it annually since I first became aware of it. Just in terms of things like research, detail, and so on, this is a brilliant piece of writing as craft, as well as having an overall concept which takes things into writing as art.

your blue-eyed boys (2: daylight could be so violent) by Feather (lalaietha) - Part two of "your blue eyed boys". See previous gushings re fandom, genre etc.

Online Articles

(Because why not? I am reading these, I may as well keep track of them)

My name is Jack Monroe, and I’m an alcoholic. But now I’m recovering… - by Jack Monroe, published in the Guardian Online, 2019. I wish her well, I hope she succeeds.

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Petersen, published in Buzzfeed News, 2019. I found this article to be incredibly frustrating, part of a wider trend which centralises the white, able-bodied, middle class American existence as the only possible option. It was classist, ableist, and ageist, and I wouldn't be surprised to find "racist" had a space in there as well. There may be a longer response in this if I can get over my fuming annoyance for long enough to be coherent at anything other than extreme length.

How to Structure Your Days If You’re Depressed by Ragini Nag Rao, published in Rookie, 2015. Interesting, and I find a lot of what they mention resonates with my own experience of recovery from depression. As with all psych advice, this may not work for everyone.

Halal Slaughter is More Complicated Than You Realise by Lauren Rothman, published in Munchies, 2014. Why the question of "is Halal slaughter humane?" is a harder one than it looks on the surface.

Disruption for Thee But Not For Me by Corey Doctorow, published in Locus, 2019. How the various "disruptor" firms of Silicon Valley appear to have created a new crime for everyone else: felony contempt of business model.

Don’t let the Jack Shepherd stories on Legal Aid distract you from the government’s cynical agenda by The Secret Barrister, published in the Secret Barrister blog, 2019. Basically, there is more to the story about Jack Shepherd and why he's getting legal aid than the British tabloids are letting people know about, and it ties into a cynical agenda to defund legal aid services overall.

Things I Won’t Work With: Dioxygen Difluoride by Derek Lowe - A re-read of a favourite, which basically explains why not to go near a substance with the evocative name of "FOOF".

So, what's everyone else reading? Any recommendations? Any dis-recommendations?
Saturday, January 12th, 2019 01:47 am (UTC)
Urgh yeah we were just on the brink of...maybe something happening, then that particular drought broke and everyone went back to "What? What do you mean we're affecting the climate??"
Saturday, January 12th, 2019 05:43 am (UTC)
It's said that each generation of adolescents thinks it has invented sex, rebellion, and criticism. The millennials article suggests that each generation of middle-class white 20-somethings also thinks it is the first to have experienced being downtrodden. (I was born in 1961 and I've been reading essentially the same article for decades now. And almost everyone I know, of every age from 25 thru 72, is struggling with the same things being discussed.)
Sunday, January 13th, 2019 07:30 pm (UTC)
Oh thank you for all the Copperbadge links - most I've read (but are always worth rereading), one or two I've missed. One day I will go and read all his works systematically, but for now this will keep me busy.

And I share your love for ybeb and associated stories.
Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 04:23 am (UTC)
I found this article to be incredibly frustrating, part of a wider trend which centralises the white, able-bodied, middle class American existence as the only possible option. It was classist, ableist, and ageist, and I wouldn't be surprised to find "racist" had a space in there as well. There may be a longer response in this if I can get over my fuming annoyance for long enough to be coherent at anything other than extreme length.

I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on the matter; I found the subjects of the article reasonably sympathetic. I initially thought the author was missing the role of economic precarity in burnout, but she got around to it.

What I have heard from my millennial clients terrifies me on their behalf. I think back to what my 20s were like, and the economic choices I could and did make with impunity and... they don't have those options.