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Saturday, January 5th, 2019 09:11 am
Farewell Re-Read:

Still working my way through The Weather Makers


A bunch (11) from the 2018 FF7 Gaia Santa:

Late Night Hook-Ups by pt_tucker - Cloud/Sephiroth, with a well-adjusted Sephiroth (a rare thing in FF7 fic).

Bigger and Brighter by Kalloway - Post canon Cloud & Tifa, starting to recover from Advent Children events.

The Biggest Holiday by FFlove190 - The FF7 SOLDIER fivesome (Angeal/Cloud/Genesis/Sephiroth/Zack) have a family holiday celebration planned.

Reliving Death by FFlove190 - An interesting FF7 time travel AU.

Her Boys by Assorted Geekery - FF7 OT4some (Aerith/Cloud/Sephiroth/Zack) domestic fic.

How To Make Love Like A Parasite by sephcounttheways - Venom/FF7 fusion, Cloud/Sephiroth. Not too sure how I felt about this one. Good writer, just... maybe not quite my cup of tea.

Firsts by Fish_on_the_tree - Sephiroth/Zack relationship fic. Not bad.

Just One Date by EvilRobotCat - FF7 mundane AU, Aerith/Cloud/Zack "how they got together" fic. Beautiful stuff.

Memories of Avalanche by sanctum_c - FF7 Original Game Canon as seen from the perspective of Marlene Wallace.

Present Perfect by GoneGravitas (AntiGravitas) - Post Advent-Children FF7 Sephiroth Habilitated fic (I frame these as "Sephiroth habilitated" rather than rehabilitated, because quite frankly, with the upbringing Sephiroth got from Hojo, he was never habilitated in the first place).

Belief by Taichara - FF7; Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth friendship fic.

Tumbled FF7 by FFlove190 - Collection of short pieces published originally on Tumblr, moved to AO3 now that Tumblr isn't fandom-friendly any more.

Utter Fluff and Nonsense by Assorted Geekery - FF7 Wingfic, and OT5 hinted at toward the end.

Special Kitty by Assorted Geekery - FF7 SOLDIER OT5 pampering fic. Cute and sweet.

Blonde Ambition by sephcounttheways - FF7 AU Sephiroth/Cloud relationship fic. This one is long, be warned. I think I've been seeing this one pop up every few years now and then when I go and search, but never really bothered to read it. Now it's on AO3, and I made my way through the whole thing to date. Not bad - intriguing in places.

Kinda Toast by joudama - Newest chapter (Ch 7). Still fluffy and sweet.

Just Like New by Piano - FF7 AU fic - Cloud is an android, Zack is the mechanic who fixes him up. Latest chapter of a work in progress (Chapter 23)

A Kind of Magic by XpaperplaneX - Newest chapter (Ch 2). This one is turning into heterosexual slashfic, which is... interesting.

A Real Party by copperbadge - MCU and DCU crossover fic, where Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are socially acquainted with each other, presumably as a result of being second generation tech billionaires who live in the north-east of the USA, aside from their extra-curricular hobbies.

When they finally come to destroy the earth (they'll have to go through you first) by AlchemyAlice - MCU and DCU crossover fic. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne meet in boarding school, and maintain a lifelong friendship.

leave them stunned and stuttering by AlchemyAlice - a sequel to the previous fic, wherein Tony teaches Bruce the value of having a team and a family.

I Would Help You Bury the Body by ninepointeight - Based on the previous two stories. Not quite the same calibre of writing, unfortunately.

Tumblr Fic: Marvel by AlchemyAlice - MCU shortfic collection, originally published on Tumblr.

Trust Fall by AlchemyAlice - MCU, slight AU for the beginning of Avengers: Assemble. Steve & Tony building a friendship.

Closing the Circuit by AlchemyAlice - MCU AU post Winter Soldier - no Age of Ultron (good move - I think of that one as a Marvel "what if" anyway) and no Civil War; developing Tony & Steve friendship.

Best Kept Secret by AlchemyAlice - MCU post Avengers:Assemble. Natasha & Tony are friends, developing Steve/Tony relationship.

User Interface by AlchemyAlice - MCU, Steve/Tony, quiet moment fic.

Sunflowers by XpaperplaneX - Newest chapter (Ch9) of an ongoing story. Sephiroth's first children's birthday party.


(These are all from the Gaia Santa collection as well)

Holiday Shenanigans by chaoscheebs

Pushing the Limits by Kitsunebaba - This one is a comic, and it's supposed to be a longer work.

Fix a Heartbreak with Coffee and Cake by Sephykins

Anything anyone else wants to share or recommend?
Saturday, January 5th, 2019 12:07 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I'd read all the MCU fics you link there, so of course I spent a pleasant morning rereading them.

You may have already read them of course, but I thought of a couple of fics with a similar feel:

Exclusive by copperbadge: a long-form newspaper article about the Avengers from an outsider POV.

Oasis by Sholio: (I don't think I can improve on the author's summary: "the one in which Pepper accidentally introduces Bucky to gardening therapy")