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Monday, December 20th, 2010 07:02 pm
So I've been wandering about the internet, looking at bits and pieces regarding the whole #MooreandMe thing. Here's a quick list of some of the posts I've spotted.

EDIT - stuff marked with ** is new since the last time I updated the article.

LAST UPDATE: 1115h Western Australian Summer Time (zone GMT+8) 23 DEC 2010.

THE BASICS: If you spot a broken link, let me know (if you have the corrected link, even better!). If you've been linked here and you want to be delinked, let me know (if possible, let me know whether you're willing to accept a link which is cut-&-paste friendly, or whether you wish to be removed from the list altogether). I read all comments and screen them - your comment may not show up immediately. I read comments from both Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal, and will collate all of them into the one post which is cross-posted. Comment at whichever site suits you.

STATEMENT OF THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS: I just provide the links. I don't provide the content. I don't endorse the content. I didn't write the content at the links except where stated. I also don't guarantee the reader is going to be able to understand it. Some of it them have hard words, like "rape" and "truth" and "consent" and "responsibility". I suggest if you're having problems with anything, you consult a dictionary.

Source Materials: - The Guardian article describing Julian Assagne's bail hearing, in which the charges against Mr Assagne were laid out. - Transcript of the Mike Moore comments on Keith Olbermann's show which sparked the #MooreandMe response. - Sady Doyle's post which kicked the whole thing off. - The New York Times article regarding the charges against Mr Assagne. - More from The Guardian about the whole case. It appears they've seen some source documents from the Swedish government. - A statement by Keith Olbermann expressing his position on the whole matter. There isn't a retraction of the incorrect information he circulated, or an apology for misinforming the public. - Alternet transcript of the debate between Jaclyn Freidman and Naomi Wolf on "Democracy Now". - The Netflix listing for "Roger and Me" by Mike Moore. See where the hashtag came from, and the tactics we're trying to emulate. - The "Democracy Now" debate between Jaclyn Freidman and Naomi Wolf (needs Adobe Flash player 9.0.115 or higher; media and transcript). - An interview with the lawyer representing the women who have laid charges against Julian Assagne about their revictimisation. - Michael Moore's open letter to the Government of Sweden. - Julian Assagne interviewed by BBC - "You are in a very beneficial position if you can be martyred without dying." - MSNBC article regarding Julian Assagne's latest interview. - Australian ABC article regarding the Assagne interviews - "I don't need to be at the beck and call of people making allegations," he said. - The Maddow Blog posts the first half of the Michael Moore interview. [NB: Needs Flash, media only, no transcript as yet.]

** - Clip from the Dylan Ratigan show. [Flash Media, no transcript, no captions]

Sady Doyle on Tiger Beatdown: - Sady Doyle's last update on the whole business; a timeline of relevant quotes, and an apology and correction of a mistake (as an example for Mr Moore). - Day seven, and still going strong.

** - Mike Moore has come down from the tower. He's apologised for what he said.

Rape Apologism and 101 Stuff: - an article from the Sydney Morning Herald on December 8 that seems strangely relevant. (via The Hathor Legacy) - Melissa McEwan defining and explaining the term "rape culture". A good 101 level starter post for the confused. - Kate Harding debunks a few myths and provides alternatives. - More myth-debunking regarding this case. - an article from a Swedish-American writer on dailykos, explaining what the actual cultural climate regarding rape is in Sweden. - Sententiola about what the presumption of innocence until proven guilty actually means, and why it doesn't apply in private conversations. - A Washington City Paper article by Amanda Hess, giving an example of how a date-rape victim was re-victimised by the legal system in the US. - Trans friendly Rape Survivors Resources for people on the North American continent. - A 101-level article by Dan Solomon on how Michael Moore's comments further rape culture. - Wikipedia provides us with a definition of "flaming" in the internet sense. Just to clarify things. - Scarleteen 101-level article about negotiating consent, and what consent means. - A 101-level article on how guys can prevent rape, from Scarleteen. - Sexual Violence Centre. A resource for people in the US who have been sexually assaulted. - Amie Newman at's Women's Rights section covers the downgrading of rape and sexual assault incidences by police to "improve the numbers". - Rape Apologist Bingo card (Yay, another one for my collection!). - David Lisak's work regarding rape incidence and undetected rapists. [NB: PDF format, needs Adobe plugin to read] - WikiHow article on how to apologise. Genuine 101 stuff here, folks. - Teh Portly Dyke's wonderful article on How To Fuck Up (and how to clean up afterwards). - Another great 101 level post from Scarleteen. - Heather Corinna at Scarleteen, with an analysis of why rape can be hard to define. - People who have been raped retell their experiences.

** - Definition of Rape Culture and how it works at the Feminism 101 blog. This is pretty much the same as the 101 article at Shakesville linked above, but the site is a useful one for people who have questions about what feminism is and how it works.

Comment and Opinion: (both professional and amateur) - Harriet at Fugitivus gives her rundown of some things Mike Moore might need to remember next time he opens his gob. - The Hathor Legacy on the seeming immunity of left-leaning types to being charged with rape... at least in the eyes of their friends. - Intersectionality Dreaming, and the real martyr of the left in this case (hint: his surname's Manning) - Art at the Auction gives an explanation of why they're participating in #MooreandMe - Hugo Schwyzer, and why sexual assault (and apologism for such) committed by people identifying as liberals needs to be called out and challenged even more. - Yo Ladies! magazine column regarding the whole matter. - An article in the American Prospect examining the nature of the rape denial memes - why do we set the burden of proof bar so high on rape compared to every other crime? - Laurie Penny of the New Statesman takes a look at the "good leftist men don't rape" syllogism. - My reasons for participating in #MooreandMe - My opinion on whether or not Julian Assagne really is a martyred hero of the Left. - why Kate Harding is on board with #MooreandMe - Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, on why #MooreandMe is necessary - Spilt Milk speaks about why combating rape apologies and denial is important. - Translation of an article said to have been written by Ms A (one of Assagne's accusers). [NB: This is neither proof nor disproof of anything, despite the trolls and conspiracy theorists wishing to make it so] - the original of the article Ms A supposedly "wrote" (my suspcion is she translated it into Swedish, and put a small preface of her own on there). - Left bows down to false Wikileaks prophet - a column by Brendan O'Neill which consists mostly of unattributed quotes of various Assagne supporters online. [NB: for non-Aussies, The Australian is a part of the News Corporation empire, just like FoxNews. Yes, the comparison is deliberate.] - Sarah Bisman talks about her reaction to #MooreandMe - Mediaite column summarising the reactions of Keith Olbermann to the criticism launched against him in the #MooreandMe tweets. - Ix-Tab on why a lot of us aren't going to shut up. - article commenting on why Keith Olbermann's statement above is insufficient. - An open letter to Mike Moore on the SAFER blog. - StudentActivism explains how Naomi Wolf is misrepresenting the facts of the rape allegations against Julian Assagne. - an Open Letter to Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann from the writer of Mumbling Downstream. - Sady Doyle writes about the experience of being blocked on Twitter by Keith Olbermann. (There's a correction at the bottom of the page; see, it isn't impossible to say "I was wrong in public, my bad"!) - Neon Tommy article regarding the role of Keith Olbermann in the whole mess. - Mattbastard at Comments from Left Field, on why he's still there at #MooreandMe. - An open letter to Naomi Wolf from Harriet at Fugitivus. - Andrea Grimes at Hay Ladies! talks about the reality of living in rape culture for women. - Dani at Wicked Women Mag talks about her reasons for participating in #MooreandMe - Ms Blog's Jessica Holden Sherwood gives a summary of events to 20 DEC 2010. - J at Imagine Today speaks about why they're involved with #MooreandMe - Xiane on why she's in favour of the #MooreandMe protests as well. Contains some linkage. - Lauren Wheeler at Fighting Words comments on Naomi Wolf's statements in Democracy Now. - Fit and the Conniptions webcomic about being able to believe two non-contradictory things at once. - Lindsay at the Canonball comments on the furore. - An open letter by MÃ¥rten Schultz in response to Michael Moore's open letter to Sweden. - Jen at In A Grain Of Sand speaks of why they're involved with #MooreandMe - A comment at Against All Evidence regarding Larry Flynt's contribution to the Wikileaks defence fund. - Wench at Livejournal, with their reasons for participating in #MooreandMe - A post at Against All Evidence regarding Keith Olbermann's part in the story. - Misakyra points out a consequence of rape apologism and false information. - Jessica Valenti in the Washington Post, about what the Assagne case reveals about US attitudes to rape. - Rita Tanya wields her teaspoon. - SilentKPants points out how Naomi Wolf's narrative silences rape victims. - A Concerned Citizen at Listen to Meeeee! writes about why they're involved with #MooreandMe. - Katiemonstrrr talks about their involvement with #MooreandMe. - David at the Designated Protest Zone, on their involvement in #MooreandMe - Fremen provides an executive summary of where Naomi Wolf implies being asleep in the same bed as someone is a form of consent to sex which would otherwise be not on. - Irin Carmon at Jezebel, providing an update of #MooreandMe related events for 21 DEC 2010. - Murray Wardrop at the UK Daily Telegraph on the Assagne view. - Shaxper on Everything2, writing about ways of raising activism with people in a non-confrontational fashion. - Jill on Feministe reports on the work being done by feminists in Sweden. - Miranda at Women's Glib, giving a run-down of the story so far. - Mats Lewan at Privacy Inc. on Cnet with a discussion of the Swedish view of things. - Pandora Young at FishbowlLA gives a quick rundown of the situation. - Maya at Feministing gives a run-down and commentary on #MooreandMe. - Stephanie at Behind the Blue Sky, regarding the lessons she's learning through #MooreandMe. - Valerie Aurora regarding the problems faced by women who report illegal actions by progressive men. - Dani Alexis posts on her personal blog explaining what she is and isn't saying on #MooreandMe - Harriet at Fugitivus asks for publicly known feminists to chime in on this issue. - On The Report, with a summary of #MooreandMe events - The Fat Social Worker, on the impact rape culture has on herself and her clients. - Polimicks: #MooreandMe on Twitter and why it matters. - Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing regarding the whole business. - MillicentAndCarlaFran article regarding the impact of #MooreandMe - contains quoted tweets. - Elena at Women's Glib on why Michael Moore's statements on Rachel Maddow's show aren't the end of the argument. - Chloelikedolivia regarding structural sexism, and the impact of such on the process of acknowledging the occurrence of rape. - Alex DiBranco at Change.Org's Women's Rights section, on the #MooreandMe protest, why it happened, and what's happened since. - Princess on Dreamwidth gives her reactions to #MooreandMe and #LetsTalkAboutIt. - An article regarding ripple effects of #MooreandMe - Kate Harding replies to some of Keith Olbermann's questions for #MooreandMe tweeters. - Thomas at Yes Means Yes blogs about Naomi Wolf's defence of Assagne. - Queen of Thorns explains why it isn't over yet. - Randall at Mojo Wire gives an update one week down the track.

** - Podcast for 21 Dec 10 regarding whether or not Julian Assagne should return to Sweden to face trial. [23MB download]

** - Angi Becker Stevens at OFS comments on the Assagne case.

** - A Very Cripzy Christmas episode of the Cripz webcomic. Not strictly connected, mentions the Assagne case in passing, but the sentiments deserve repeating.

** - Lindsay Beyerstein on Big Think comments on the Assagne case with reference to what a rape victim should look like.

** - Comment at Boner Killer on how rape culture acts as a form of terrorism against women.

** - A roundup at Wild/Precious of the #MooreandMe situation. Includes linkage.

** - Gallinggalla speaks of how Google Street View furthers privacy intrusion for victims of crime; another point on how technology is something which can both help and harm.

** - Sady Doyle speaks about the personal impact of #MooreandMe on tumblr.

** - Mediaite article regarding Michael Moore's acknowledgement and apology.

** - Slate article by Amanda Marcotte about the Assagne case.

** - Keith Olbermann summarises a Times article and comments negatively about Julian Assagne.

Places to send Donations: - a Trans*-friendly health centre in Winnepeg, Manitoba - Womens Council for Domestic & Family Violence Services (WA) - the donation page for if you want to donate money or items to women's refuges in Western Australia. - Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape - a project working to free people who were falsely convicted of crimes. [NB: needs Javascript activated to be readable] - a possible target for donations. They're working on being trans-friendly, and they're matching donations until 31 DEC 2010. - Trans-friendly community resources (several listed for Australia, most for North American continent) - Mike Moore speaks out on his blog, giving a list of projects which could use a bit of a funding boost. Wikileaks is one of them, the Bradley Manning defense fund is another. - Pandora's Project: Support and resources for survivors of rape and sexual abuse (USA).

Other Related Linkfests: - ix_tab at Livejournal gives their reasons for participating in #MooreandMe, as well as a list of links. (Plus a version of the links list sans opinion, at - Jessica Valenti's link round up (Assagne, #MooreandMe, Naomi Wolf).

Again, I read comments from both InsaneJournal and Dreamwidth. Feel free to comment at either site.
Monday, December 20th, 2010 12:30 pm (UTC)
This is my Moore and me post, over on lj

It's comment and opinion (warnings for discussion about rape, rape apology, suicide attempts and depression)
Monday, December 20th, 2010 12:54 pm (UTC)
Also, my link post sans personal opinion, though I suspect you have all the links I have.
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
Warning: discussion of child rape.

A link for you: a comparison with another man who was standing up against a powerful institution and also accused of rape:
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
Thank you for the links! This is exhaustive (and, I imagine, exhausting) work. :)

Btw, I'm the "Dani" who wrote the bit at Wicked Women. I also did a post today in my own blog on what I am and am not saying by supporting #mooreandme :
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the epic link list! Adding this link post to my linkfest, if you don't mind! (Let me know if you do.)
Friday, December 24th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Thanks! .... Is that a Chibi-Sephiroth? Please tell me it is. <3