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Saturday, August 5th, 2017 11:33 am
Short one this week. My main computer, Orac, is making hideous grinding noises each time I try to start him this morning (I suspect he needs to have his innards cleaned of any dust - a job I'd do myself if it weren't for the fact we don't have a fine enough Phillips head screwdriver in the house to be able to shift the screws of his casing). So I've put in requests with various tech groups to get the job done, and I'm waiting on one of them to get into contact with me. Which may, I suspect, not happen until Monday. (Minor update: Orac will be picked up by the nice person found through Nearby Nerds at around 12 - 12.30 today, and should be fixed up by Sunday. All to the good).

In the meantime I'm using my university notebook, Elfadunk. While Elfadunk is ideal for the things I purchased her for (taking notes, downloading university readings, being portable from home to uni and back again) she is less than ideal as a full-time machine. For one thing, she's only got a 32GB hard drive, which is mostly occupied at present with holding Windows 10 and MS Office, and can't handle much more than than that. While I can fit a semester's worth of notes and readings on her for two units, after the end of semester I have to clear things off to fit the next semester's batch of stuff on there.

So at present I'm letting Elfadunk fill in for Orac as much as she can (she is NOT a gaming machine in the least) while I wait for the nice young man who's going to fix up Orac to arrive.