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Thursday, April 6th, 2017 09:17 am
The weather today is grey and foggy (winter is coming... eventually). Have three stories about "what went right" from my news feeds to help perk up a grey day.

Students building and racing solar-powered miniature cars to get enthused about STEM by Sarah Collard (ABC Western Australia)

The Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA) and Synergy have teamed up with around 60 schools from around Western Australia to teach students about science, mathematics, engineering, and technology through the medium of building and racing miniature solar-powered cars.

Cutting-edge conservation: Using drones to monitor ecological restoration in the Gondwana Link by Lisa Morrison (ABC Great Southern, Western Australia)

The Gondwana Link bush corridor project aims to reconnect areas between Margaret River and the Nullarbor Plain by providing a corridor of reclaimed agricultural land where native plants and animals can flourish. Bush Heritage Australia, the group which is administering the project, are excited by the potential of using flying drones to assist in tasks such as monitoring the extent of vegetation, determining the fire history of an area, and possibly even monitoring for wildlife presence.

Older workers happiest at work and money less important, Australian study finds by Matthew Bamford (ABC Australia)

Researchers from Curtin University have completed a study of over 17,000 workers across Australia, trying to determine the keys to job satisfaction, and are reporting older workers (particularly those over 70) tend to be happier in work than younger ones, workers who are happier with their jobs report taking home lower wages than those who aren't as happy, and that Tasmania leads the country in several key job satisfaction indicators.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found a story about what went right in your news feeds, why not share it in the comments, and boost the signal?


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