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Friday, March 31st, 2017 10:13 am
Another month over already? Where does the time go? Have three stories about "what went right" from my news feed to help you through the day.

Cyclone Debbie: Airlie Beach and Proserpine locals pull together despite lack of power, water by Katherine Gregory (AM, ABC Australia)

The towns of Airlie Beach and Prosperine were directly in the path of Cyclone Debbie, and have suffered extensive damage. However, locals are starting to work to clean up the mess, and are working to help each other out.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews flags legal changes after meeting teen 'humiliated' by rape court case by ABC Victoria (uncredited)

The Premier of Victoria has met with a young woman who was raped, and who wound up dropping the court case against the men who raped her due to re-victimisation by the court system. She and her mother are campaigning for reform to the legal system in regard to rape cases to reduce the future likelihood of re-victimisation.

#SnapthatStigma: Children in state care speak out during campaign to fight stereotypes by Angelique Donnellan (ABC South Australia)

Kids in state care have a lot of extra stuff to deal with in their lives on top of the standard load of growing up and becoming adults. One of the things they're forced to deal with is the stigma of being "in care". A group of eight of them have spoken up about living with and dealing with this stigma in a video produced by the Create Foundation.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found a story in your news feeds about "what went right", why not share it in the comments?


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