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March 2nd, 2017

megpie71: Animated "tea" icon popular after London bombing. (Default)
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 08:48 am
Here's another three things which went right as reported by the mainstream media (as opposed to the things which went wrong).

KAI targeting quinoa exports to China and new grain grading facility in Kununurra by Matt Brann (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

Kimberley Agricultural Investment is planning on planting over 600 hectares of quinona in the Ord 2 Irrigation space, and exporting the resulting grain to China. They're also committed to building a grain grading facility in Kununurra, in order to facilitate grain exports from northern ports.

Drone footage captured by water polo club shows tourism potential of Pilbara coast by Susan Standen (ABC North West WA)

The Karratha Water Polo Association held an ocean water polo match at Whaler's Bay, and took drone footage of the area in an effort to display the natural beauty of the area. They're hoping to boost the tourism potential of the North West, in the wake of the mining construction boom's completion.

Plant stress enzyme identified in research that could lead to tougher crops by Sarah Collard (ABC Western Australia)

Researchers at the University of Western Australia, in collaboration with the CSIRO, have been working to investigate how plants react to stress (water stress, heat stress etc) in order to breed or create more resilient plants which can survive a wider variety of conditions. They've managed to identify an enzyme (succinate dehydrogenase) which mediates stress signalling.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found some stories in your news feeds about what went right, why not share them in the comments?