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January 28th, 2017

megpie71: Simplified bishie Rufus Shinra says "Heee!" (Hee)
Saturday, January 28th, 2017 10:00 am
Once again, three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

Blue Mountains rescue: Woman freed six hours after becoming trapped in canyon by ABC New South Wales (uncredited)

"Emergency services have rescued a woman who spent six hours trapped in a canyon in the New South Wales Blue Mountains."

Maritime museum push for Lady Barron to showcase Furneaux Islands' shipwreck 'graveyard' by Rosemary Grant (ABC Tasmania)

The Furneaux Maritime History Association is trying to pull together funding and facilities for a maritime museum focussed on the shipwrecks in the Furneaux islands.

Australia leads international push to protect far eastern curlew from extinction by Felicity James (PM, ABC Radio)

Australian researchers are leading an international research effort (including countries such as Japan, China, Russia and South Korea) to discover more about the life cycle of the Far Eastern Curlew, a threatened shore bird. At present, it's hard to tell where to direct efforts at preservation, because not enough is known about the bird.

And there's the three for today. If you've found stories about "what went right" in your news feeds, why not share them in the comments?