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January 22nd, 2017

megpie71: Simplified Bishie Sephiroth says "Neat!" (Enthuse)
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 08:17 am
Another three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right".

WA university students pay tribute to WWII heroines in Fringe Festival jazz cabaret by Laura Gartry (ABC Western Australia)

Students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Curtin University performance studies program are collaborating on a cabaret performance about a group of fictional female assassins who pose as show girls to kill Nazis during World War 2. The show will run during the WA Fringe Festival.

Natural solution restores critical wetlands in Queensland's cane country by Ben Millington (ABC Queensland)

"Critical wetlands on farms in north Queensland's Burdekin region are being revived by drying them out and allowing nature to once again take its course."

Beehives airlifted to Tasmania's leatherwood trees to bypass flood-damaged bridge by Sallese Gibson (ABC Tasmania)

Beehives have been airlifted by helicopter into an inaccessible stand of leatherwood trees in order to gain access to the leatherwood nectar needed to create leatherwood honey. It's hoped this method may be useful in being able to expand the leatherwood nectar collection into other stands of leatherwood which are inaccessible by road, and thus increase the bee population of Tasmania, which will benefit a number of other industries.

There's today's three. If you've found anything in your mainstream media feeds about "what went right", why not share a link in the comments?