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January 14th, 2017

megpie71: Simplified Bishie Sephiroth says "Neat!" (Enthuse)
Saturday, January 14th, 2017 07:40 am
Once again, three stories from the mainstream media about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

New species of seadragon discovered in wild for first time off Western Australia's south coast by Jacqueline Lynch (ABC Western Australia)

The Ruby Seadragon was previously identified from preserved specimens, but researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Western Australian Museum have captured footage of the species in the wild.

Living to 100: Centenarians surprisingly healthy 'thanks to resilience and toughness' by Norman Hermant (Social Affairs correspondent, ABC Victoria)

A brief profile of a couple of centenarians who are seen by the Royal District Nursing Service in Victoria. It's noted that centenarians tend to need less home care than "near centenarians" - people in their late nineties.

Aussie dog whisperer uses stand-up paddle boarding to train and teach animal owners by Jess Lodge (ABC Wide Bay, ABC Radio)

A profile of Chris De Aboitiz, who runs a stand-up paddle school, and specialises in teaching dogs and their owners how to use paddle boards.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about "what went right" in your mainstream media feeds, why not share them in the comments?